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Review & Photos: Whirr, Nothing, Lycus @ Bottom of the Hill, 8/28/13

Whirr and Nothing’s month-long tour of North America swung through town on Wednesday night, bringing a singular, serene shot of shoegaze noise to the hallowed halls of Bottom of […]

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Whirr playing last Bay Area show of 2013 at Bottom of the Hill tonight

A few years ago, The Bay Bridged did a survey of local shoegaze bands — and one of those acts that has been particularly quiet, though making sweeping moves […]

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Ticket Giveaway: Fever Charm, Dangermaker, Koruscant Weekend @ Bottom of the Hill, 8/25/13

Let’s face it, Sunday nighs suck. No matter what’s on AMC or HBO, there’s no getting around the fact that you have to go to work the next day.

Here’s […]

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Ticket Giveaway: Father President, Curious Quail, Sunrunners @ Bottom of the Hill 8/23/13

Hey you. Yeah, you. How much do you love indie pop? (you’re reading The Bay Bridged, so I’m going to assume your answer is somewhere around ‘a lot’.) Second […]

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Porcelain Raft preps 'Permanent Signal,' upcoming show at Bottom of the Hill

Electronic pop artist Porcelain Raft is back and moving out of his comfort zone. The solo project of Brooklyn’s Mauro Remiddi, Porcelain Raft’s first album, 2011’s Strange Weekend, was […]

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Video: Owen (Mike Kinsella) covers Robyn at Bottom of the Hill 8/1/13

At the time I sat down to compose this debrief of the Owen show at Bottom of the Hill last Thursday, I was simultaneously in deep conversation with a […]

Girl Fox plays Bottom of the Hill Saturday, 8/3/13

Girl Fox is playing Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night, and why no, you’ve never heard of them. Don’t be silly.

Just kidding. Surprise surprise, Girl Fox is just Guy […]

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Giveaway: Coo Coo Birds, Al Lover, Face Tat, Bubblegum Crisis at Bottom of the Hill

Four genre-bending local acts are coming together for a raucous evening of psychedelic sounds at Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night, with Convent-dwellers and old school psych revivalists the […]

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Review & Photos: Speedy Ortiz, Shinobu, Wild Moth @ Bottom of the Hill

Speedy Ortiz (Photo: Tim Draut)

Baby buzzband Speedy Ortiz rolled through Bottom of the Hill last night supporting their Best New Music certified debut full-length Major Arcana, which was released […]

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Speedy Ortiz supporting debut album at Bottom of the Hill

Fresh off the release of their debut LP, Speedy Ortiz will headline a show at Bottom of the Hill this Thursday, July 25. Carpark Records label-mate and local favorite […]

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